Friday, 14 September 2012


I really love nature and every time I walk past pretty flowers or see something unusual I think to myself that would make a great picture.  My newest addition to my kit is a Nikon Micro lens so I have now been able to capture those pictures.  Here are a few of my recent captures.

I found this caterpillar in my garden, I have never seen one like this before!

 This ugly creature was trying to get some shade, I had no idea what it was, it turns out to be an Elephant Hawk Moth and although looks quite ugly now grows into a beautiful pink moth.  I would like to get a picture of it then!

 I actually have a phobia of bees but find it quite calming taking pictures of them in flowers.  I especially love the details of the wings in this picture.

Roses are very beautiful and one of my favourite flowers!
Quy Photography

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back after the Summer holidays

The summer holidays have now come to an end but it's also the start of new beginnings for my two boys.  Aiden my eldest boy started primary school and Harley my youngest started preschool.  Both were extremely excited to start which made it a lot easier for me.  I took a few quick snaps the morning on their first day.

Quy Photography