Saturday, 12 November 2011

Samson the German Sheppard Pup

My Brother finally got his dog, Samson!!  He is a white long haired German Sheppard and is absolutely adorable.  When I took these photo's of him he was only 8 weeks old.  I am really looking forward to doing his next shoot outside when he has had all of his injections, I will post some of those photo's too... I bet he is going to grow a lot in that short time.  Here is a few of him at 8 weeks old.

I really can't wait for Samson's next shoot :)

Autumn Colours

I love the many different colours of Autumn and wanted to capture some of them with my son Harley, typically I had to bribe him to have his photo's taken!  But it worked and I'm really happy with the results...from a boy who hates to have his photo taken.

He is a sweetie but such a tinker!!  Don't be decieved but his cheeky sweet smile!!


Monday, 7 November 2011

Family Photo Shoot

This was a great session, working with 7 adults, 3 children and 3 dogs!  It wasn't as much as a challenge as i thought it would be.  This family were so great to work with and they are all very photogenic, well see for yourself!!

The Cutest Brother's

Earlier in the year I did a brother's shoot and these two brother's were so gorgeous i had a share a couple of photo's with you!

My Brother's Wedding

Towards the end of September came the day of my brother's wedding.  It was a very happy day that finally arrived.  The Bride Chennelle looked absolutely stunning, so much that i did shed a tear.  I was privileged to be a Bridesmaid and so not many photo's were taken but here is a couple...

They are such a seriously cute couple!!  I may post a few more photo's at a later date...

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Two weeks later and I had the next wedding, Paul & Denise

What a privilage it was to shoot at this wedding.  Paul and Denise are such a lovely couple, and are another couple that compliment each other greatly.  I was truely honoured when they asked me to shoot their wedding.  It was a fantastic day for a fantastic couple.  The atmosphere was amazing.  This is why I LOVE weddings!  They are such happy and joyous occassions, and this is what I try to capture.

Tyler & Beckie's Wedding

I took Tyler and Beckie's engagement photo's weeks before their wedding so it really came around quickly.  The wedding was in Eastbourne, we had planned to have photo's taken on the beach but unfortunately the weather was a kill joy for us so the photo's were taken at the church and at the reception.  It was a shame but thats how it goes sometimes.  Even though the weather wasn't great the wedding was, everyone had such a great time and were really happy and the couple were very loved up!!

Tyler & Beckie's Engagement Shoot

I get so excited to hear when couples get engaged it's such a happy joyous time and moment in their lives, one that will be treasured in time to come.  I can still remember when I got engaged to my husband, it's something that I will remeber for the rest of my life!  I was excited to do this shoot because I was also shooting their wedding so it was a great way to get to know the bride and groom before their big day.

It was great to capture the cheekiness they had with one another.  Their wedding photo's will be next!!

My First Puppy Shoot... and it's not going to be my last!!

Shooting a puppy especially a cross yorkshire terrier and pomeranian was so crazy and so fun.  I had a great time and I think the puppy did too.  "They" say don't work with children and animals but i think that's where the fun is, yes it can be difficult but when everything goes right you see great results...

I have to say this one is my favourite!

What a cutie!!
Mr Darcy (the puppy) was so cute and it's amazing how quickly they grow, like children, so it's so lovely to capture these puppy moments that are soon forgotten.